4 Reasons Businesses Should Use Bonded Courier Services

In their day-to-day operations, most businesses will require the services of a courier to deliver documents and goods. While you may use a regular carrier for transporting those items, there are occasions where safety is vital.

A bonded courier refers to a business with a bond, which certified it as trustworthy and reliable. There are several reasons you may want to use a bondable carrier.

Courier Bond Applications and Criteria

A carrier must first apply for a bond license to be deemed bondable. Since the transport company must compensate for losses, the rules for service providers are strict. First, the issuer must assess the risk to determine the company’s integrity and financial stability.

Even when the courier company meets the ethical qualifications, the issuer may reject the applications due to low credit. There could be higher charges to cover the perceived financial risk from the transport company. Additionally, the carrier has to do background checks for their staff.

Timely Delivery of Packages

A business may want to use bonded courier services when sending valuable documents and items. In recent times, digital transactions are becoming a common feature in many companies. You may want to send an e-document to a client or business partner.

A bonded courier is the most reliable means of getting your documents signed on time. Providers have to guarantee delivery within a given time frame. In an increasingly competitive digital world, using a bondable carrier can help your business get ahead.

They are a Trustworthy Carrier for Precious Items

A bonded courier is also the best choice for transporting fragile items and precious metals. The bonding company requires background checks for the staff. The evaluation does not stop at reviewing criminal history but also considers the employee’s medical fitness.

Drivers must also have the training to drive safely to avoid damaging the goods. A history of traffic violations can increase the risk of damaging precious items on transit.

Guaranteed Reimbursements for Damaged Goods

If goods are damaged in transit, a courier with a bond license will pay for the cost. Whether it is precious metals, jewelry, artwork, or a piece of equipment, the carrier will reimburse the total expense.

The transportation company has to adhere to the terms of the contract. For example, if the delivery is not on time, they must guarantee compensation to their clients for the loss.

Bonded Courier for International Shipping

Businesses will find bonded courier companies convenient for shipping goods across international borders. The bond allows the carrier to haul merchandise without paying duty for it. The cargo remains in the warehouse until the client is ready to pay duty.

Using a company with a custom bond license can be an asset management strategy. That’s because goods do not have to be imported all at once. The exporter can retain them until they are ready to export them again.

A courier with a bond license is a dependable transportation services provider for most modern businesses. Bondable carriers offer a stress-free alternative to regular hauling services. At Global Trust Depository (GTD), we offer our clients both foreign and domestic bonded secured courier asset transportation. We have the experience to ensure we deliver as promised while also upholding our values of integrity and professionalism. Contact us today to learn more about any of our services.

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