3 Reasons to Consider Private Vault Storage

private vault storage company

Keeping our most prized possessions safe is always a challenge, and so is finding the best place to store them, like in your home, in a bank, or perhaps in a private vault storage company.

Whether you are looking for the perfect place for your gold or silver bullion, fine art, wine, jewelry, antiques, or important family documents, a private vault may be the best option. Private vault storage offers a level of safety, privacy, and convenience that you can’t get anywhere else.


One of the biggest concerns many customers have when storing their most valuable or prized possessions in a vault is that they will get damaged or stolen. The best private vault storage companies, however, utilize top-of-the-line class 3 vaults that are torch and tool resistant on every side for up to 120 minutes, giving the company plenty of time to react to secure your items.

At the same time, if something should happen to your item in a bank, it is not insured by the FDIC, like the money in a bank is. In a private bank, your items will have better insurance than you can find elsewhere.


The promise is in the name: private vault storage. These companies do everything they can to ensure that their clients and the items they are storing are kept as private as possible. Privacy and security measures that are taken by these companies often include everything from encrypting data to installing high levels of identification requirements (including retina eye scans) to protect their clients.


When you choose to store your items in a bank vault, you are often limiting your access to those items. That’s because bank vaults are only open to you during business hours. If you have an emergency and need an item out of your vault on an evening, weekend, or major holiday, you will be out of luck. When you store your items in a private vault, it will ensure you have around-the-clock access to your most important items.

When it comes time to store your prized possessions, considering a private vault storage company is the option that will help you rest easy at night knowing your items are as safe as they can be.

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