safe keeping receipts (skr)

What Is a Safe Keeping Receipt? 

Your assets are valuable, and it’s important for you to keep your assets safe and protected from potential harm or theft. Many asset owners choose to place their assets into the care of an agent such as a bank or another financial institution that has the heavy-duty private vaults you need to keep your assets safe. When you choose to work with an agent to protect your assets, be they gold or mutual funds, you receive a safe keeping receipt.

A safe keeping receipt, or SKR, is a document acknowledging that an agent is safekeeping your assets. You can use this safe keeping receipt as a proof of ownership. You can also use the receipt to transfer the title of your asset. Additionally, with prior written consent, you can have your SKR be verified by private parties such as banking institutions.

What Are Safe Keeping Fees?

Safe keeping fees are the fees that are paid to maintain your asset while it’s in the care of the agent. These fees are based on three criteria: the term of services, the physical size of your asset, and the value of your asset. For instance, the term of services may be different for safekeeping real estate compared to safekeeping rare paintings that need to be kept in temperature-controlled environments.

Choose Global Trust Depository for Your SKRs

When you’re looking for a professional, secure, and private agent to safekeep your assets, look no further than Global Trust Depository. We have years of experience providing safety and security for a wide range of clients and their assets. You can depend on us to safekeep your assets while protecting your privacy.

Interested in learning more about safe keeping receipts? Want more information about securing an SKR with Global Trust Depository? Contact us today.

GTD takes great pride in its ability to protect the privacy of its clients!

The following are kinds of assets that GTD has currently written safekeeping receipts on:

  • Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds
  • Gold Mines
  • Coal Mines
  • Copper Mines
  • Gemstones (rough or cut)
  • Collectible Art
  • Real Estate
  • Timber Land
  • Precious Metals
  • Jewelry
  • Heirlooms
  • Trust and Estate Documents
  • Bank Records

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