Why Choose an Asset Management Service?

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Considering a self-storage option for your valuables or assets? You are not alone. Over the past 40 years, of all the industries in the United States, self-storage has been the fastest growing. The main reason for such an increase could be because private vaults offer more security and protection for precious items. But what is the best way to choose asset management services, including private vault storage? Continue reading for some things to look for in a professional asset manager.

Private Vault Storage

Private vault storage is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to choosing an asset manager, however, it may be the most important. Knowing your valuables are safe and securely locked away in a maximum-security location protected by the best technology is essential to your peace of mind. Whether you wish to store family heirlooms like art or jewelry, investments like gold or silver bullion, or trust and estate documents for safekeeping, private vault storage offers the complete asset protection you are looking for.

Evaluation Reports

Unsure of the worth or value of your assets? A trusted asset management service will be able to issue a qualified evaluation report before you store your valuables in the private vault. Choose a company with reputable and competent evaluators such as the best Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), the most qualified antique evaluators (for art, family heirlooms, etc), and the most knowledgeable gem appraisers (for your jewelry or uncut gems). Knowing the value of your assets at the time of their deposit will not only reflect their true worth but will guarantee they receive the best insurance to guard against damage, theft, or natural disasters.

Bonded Courier Services

Be sure to choose an asset manager that is also a bonded courier company. A bonded courier company is essential to ensure the safe transport of your valuables. Want extra protection against theft, damage, or a lost item? Be sure to choose international bonded couriers that are trustworthy and qualified to deliver any type of asset from furniture to gold and silver bullion. A bonded courier company will also be insured in the event that something happens during the delivery process, giving you extra peace of mind about the security and safety of your precious valuables.

Asset management services are essential to providing the safety and security you need to protect your valued assets. However, private vault storage is just the beginning. Be sure to choose an asset manager that offers comprehensive protection for all of your assets whether they be family heirlooms, precious metals, or trust and estate documents. Additionally, your asset manager should also be a bonded courier company to guarantee safe transport, offer evaluation reports for asset assessment, and provide the most secure and high-tech vault storage for the ultimate asset security and protection.

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