safekeeping receipts (skr)

Benefits of A Global Trust Depository (GTD) Custody Account

GTD can accept almost any kind of valuable assets for safekeeping purposes. We issue a safekeeping receipt (SKR) for that asset which can be used by the asset owner as proof of ownership and for the transferring title to that asset.

Safekeeping is where an asset owner elects to place that asset in the care of an Agent, usually a Bank or a Financial Institution, and receives an acknowledgement from the Bank as to their “Safekeeping” of that asset.

SKRs can be verified by private parties as well as banking institutions, but only with prior written consent from the asset owner. Safekeeping fees are based on three criteria. Value of the asset, physical size of the asset, and term of services.

GTD takes great pride in it’s ability to protect the privacy of its clients!

The following are kinds of assets that GTD has currently written safekeeping receipts on:

  • Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual Funds
  • Gold Mines
  • Coal Mines
  • Copper Mines
  • Gemstones (rough or cut)
  • Collectible Art
  • Real Estate
  • Timber Land
  • Precious Metals
  • Jewelry
  • Heirlooms
  • Trust and Estate Documents
  • Bank Records