Private Vault Storage

Protect Your Valuables With GTD Maximum Security Facilities

Global Trust Depository (GTD) is dedicated to protecting client’s assets in one of our many state of the art maximum security locations. We guarantee a highly secured environment for your most treasured and valuable possessions in our class 3 vaults.

Private vaults allow you to store assets ranging from gold and silver bullion to, in many cases, fine art, wines, or important documents. We provide the highest levels of privacy, and offer clients various safety deposit box sizes to suit all of their storage requirements.

GTD offers a purpose built vault, protected by cutting edge security and sophisticated technology, which surpasses the standards even set by banks. Our facility benefits from the latest technology in construction and is a graded VDS tested vault.

Quality Asset Protection in Private Vault Storage

When you’re storing valuables, whether it be gold or silver bullion or antique jewelry, it’s important to choose private vault storage that offers quality asset protection. Not all private vault storage services are created equal. You want to be sure to choose a private vault storage facility that not only offers asset protection against theft but also protection against the elements.

The benefit of choosing a private vault storage facility that also offers protection against fire is that you don’t need to worry about important documents, paintings, or antiques being permanently damaged or destroyed in the event of a disaster.

Why Choose Global Trust Depository for Asset Protection?

Global Trust Depository understands how important it is for you to keep your assets safe and protected. Whether you’re looking to secure important documents, artwork, antiques, jewelry, or gold or silver bullion, GTD has the private vault storage to give you peace of mind. At Global Trust Depository, our private vault storage facility offers asset protection in the form of our class 3 vaults. Each of our class 3 vaults are capable of providing 120 minutes of tool and torch resistance on every side.

When you choose asset protection with Global Trust Depository, you’re choosing security that doesn’t come to play. Surpassing even bank standards of asset protection and security, each of our private vault storage systems is made to protect against intrusion at all costs. You can rest assured and feel confident knowing that your valuables and assets are protected in our vaults.

If you’re looking for private vault storage for the ultimate asset protection, look no further than Global Trust Depository. Our cutting edge security will ensure the safety and security of your valuables and assets. To learn more about our private vault storage, contact Global Trust Depository today.

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