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Don’t Take Chances With Your Valuables

Global Trust Security (GTD) has the experience and expertise clients need to ensure your assets are protected and moved securely. Whether you’re transporting documents, precious metals or works of art, our services help you achieve your goals while guaranteeing your peace of mind.

GTD agents can pick up or deliver assets almost anywhere in the world. Our bonding will be limited on most transactions to our current insurance limitations, which will periodically change due to activity and demand.

What Are the Benefits of Bonded Courier Services?

Non-bonded courier services may deliver your packages from Point A to Point B, but there’s no guarantee your parcel is secure. Weather conditions, poor handling, and poor customer service can leave you with a parcel that’s been damaged, lost, or stolen. When you’re looking to have valuables and important documents delivered, any potential damage, loss, or theft is unacceptable. You need your parcel to arrive damage-free and on-time no matter the weather.

That’s where Global Trust Depository comes in.

At Global Trust Depository, we understand you don’t want to take any risks when it comes to keeping your valuables safe. That’s why we only hire the best of the best on our international bonded courier team. With GTD, you don’t have to worry about whether your packages are in the right hands when you choose to work with us. Each international bonded courier on our team receives a background check for the following:

  • Criminal history: Up to 93% of employers that conduct pre-hire screening will conduct a criminal records search. Among these employers is Global Trust Depository. It’s important to us that our customers feel safe and secure shipping their parcels with our team. Bonded couriers with a history of theft pose a security risk both for the company and the customer.
  • Credit history: While a potential hire for an international bonded courier service like GTD may not have a criminal record, a potential hire’s credit history may make them a greater liability depending on the circumstances. For example, an employee in significant debt may be more likely to consider stealing valuable parcels from customers and therefore poses a potential security risk. This is why Global Trust Depository is sure not only to conduct a criminal records search during pre-hire screening but also a credit history screening.
  • Driving record: A poor driving record can also be a potential safety risk for both employees and customers. It’s important for an international bonded courier company to drive with caution when transporting valuable and fragile items.

Our safe and experienced international bonded couriers pick up and deliver a wide range of packages including artwork, precious metals, and important documents. We’re the international bonded couriers you can rely on for responsible and trustworthy service. What’s more, in the rare event that something unfortunate does happen to your parcel, we give you the assurance that the reimbursement cost of your parcel is completely covered.

What Does the Bond Cover?

At Global Trust Depository, our bond covers the value of both the materials you’re shipping, such as a precious metal or painting, and the value of the contents of the information you’re shipping. That means whether you’re antique furniture delivered or crucial documents containing vital information, the value of both parcels are covered by Global Trust Depository’s bond. In the unfortunate event that something were to happen during the delivery of your parcel, the reimbursement of the items lost or damaged is guaranteed. Similarly, if the parcel were to arrive but arrive late, your fee would also be guaranteed.

Why Choose Global Trust Depository?

When you’re looking for a courier to deliver your parcels, it’s essential to make sure that they’re bonded. Many couriers and courier companies will advertise themselves as bonded when they really aren’t. Global Trust Depository is a trusted and well-respected international bonded courier with insurance against crimes and damages. When you choose to work with us, you can rest assured your parcels are both safe and insured.

If you’re looking for an international bonded courier service to deliver your packages safely and securely, look no further than the experienced and professional international bonded couriers of Global Trust Depository. Contact us today to learn more about our services and the steps we take to ensure the security of your parcels.

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